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Our story

In 2019, a spark of inspiration illuminated the mind of Audrée Lacombe-Pruneau, the visionary founder behind the thriving enterprise that Bego has become. Accompanied by her partner, Alex, she turned this idea into a vibrant reality, fueled by their passion and determination.

However, as often happens in entrepreneurial journeys, challenges are inevitable. In December 2023, faced with burnout, Audrée courageously made the decision to take a break to take care of herself and her family. This pause, though necessary, could have signaled the end of a chapter for Bego.

Enter the precious human element in any successful business: friendship. Sam, a close friend who managed Bego's production in China, was deeply saddened by the news of Audrée's burnout. Determined not to let this special business falter, he proposed a bold solution: to invest in Bego, with the support of two other friends; Anderson and Elle.

Audrée, touched by this gesture of friendship and trust, accepted this proposal with gratitude. Thus, Bego became a team of four, each bringing their unique strengths to nurture and grow the business. This new dynamic allowed the founder to continue designing the shoes and visual identity of the business she created, while having the necessary time to take care of her family and well-being.

Hence, thanks to the power of friendship and collaboration, Bego continues its journey with renewed energy. Audrée can now not only be a passionate entrepreneur, but also a loving presence as a mother and family partner. It's a story that speaks to resilience, love, and the power of mutual support in the business world.

"BEGO" are the initials that hold a profound significance for the founder, representing the memory and legacy of her stepmother, Blanca Estela Gaytan Olvera, who sadly passed away in 2015 after battling cancer. Blanca Estela was not only a beloved family member but also a source of enduring inspiration for the creator of the brand.